What makes a great
claims experience?

How we help insurance carriers

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Snapsheet makes adjusting simpler by reducing cycle time and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Snapsheet utilizes proprietary technology to make virtual claims processing faster.

This technology gives adjusters the tools they need to provide a seamless experience to their insureds.

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We pride ourselves on being responsive from on-boarding, to in-person training, to each question after launch.

We have dedicated support for adjusters and robust real-time analytics for managers.

How we help insurance customers

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Positive Experience

A claim usually comes after a traumatic experience, and customers want the most simple and intuitive process to stay satisfied.

As we all know, a great claims experience can help retain insureds and convert claimants.

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Simple Process

Snapsheet treats your customers the way they want to be treated, with professional mobile technology coupled with customer support specialists who understand their needs.

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Complete Resolution

Snapsheet provides the only full mobile claims solution, fully enabling the customer to settle the claim virtually, creating the best user experience in the industry.

How we help repair facilities

Whether a car is repaired at a DRP shop or at another shop of choice, Snapsheet makes the process seamless and transparent. Snapsheet provides a dedicated shop support team to communicate with shops, adjusters, and customers.

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Do you need to file a supplement?

If you have questions about a supplement you have already filed, please give us a call at 888.317.8527.

How it all adds up

Snapsheet's patent pending technology has truly begun to transform claims organizations into a customer-first experience while simultaneously optimizing operations.

Our averages are anything but average:

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Meet the team


Brad Weisberg
Founder & CEO


CJ Przybyl
Co-Founder & President


Andy Cohen
Chief Operating Officer


Sarah Doll
Chief People Officer


Dan Colomb
Chief Technology Officer


Dennis Chookaszian
Board Member


Howard Tullman
Board Member


Sheila Gulati
Board Member


Vic Pascucci
Board Member


Ben Malka
Board Member